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Spider Vein Treatment Phoenix

Spider Vein Treatment Phoenix Get proper spider vein treatment Phoenix from SonoranVein.Com. We are a full endovascular surgery clinic that specializes in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins through minimally invasive outpatient procedures, led by Dr. D'Souza. Receive a free vein screening by calling us or leaving your details in our website.

Spider veins are small and dilated blood vessels that are less than a millimeter in diameter. They are also referred to as telangiectasia and are often close to the skin's surface. They can develop anywhere, but you often notice them on the ankles, legs, and face. Women are more prone to spider veins than men, and the condition is related to varicose veins or underlying venous hypertension. If your spider veins are bothering you, consider making an appointment with a qualified vein and endovascular doctor for professional spider vein treatment Phoenix.
Hormones, occupation, age, congenital or hereditary factors, and pregnancy are among the risk factors that can determine your chances of getting spider veins. Correct diagnosis from a vein doctor will determine the best treatment. Sclerotherapy is one of the best procedures for treating this condition. This is a minimally invasive procedure where a special medicine is injected to dilate your blood vessels, make them shrink, and eventually dissolve.
Dr. D'Souza of Sonoran Vein and Endovascular may recommend multiple sclerotherapy sessions with treatment for underlying vascular hypertension for optimal results. Sclerotherapy is effective and safe—also, it is less painful to recover from. Be sure to trust a qualified vein and endovascular specialist like Dr. D'Souza of Sonoran Vein and Endovascular for spider vein treatment Phoenix. Get a free screening when you fill out the questionnaire in this website or when you call 602-374-4101.
Spider Vein Treatment Phoenix
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