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Elective Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Specializing in your medical needs with an understanding of your desire to look your best. While caring for your physical health is paramount, we also understand how you feel can be tied to how you look.

Dr. Jeffrey Hantes

Dr. Jeffrey Hantes takes pride in his years of medical experience and comforting bedside manner. He is board certified in both OBGYN and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, and understands that his work as a doctor includes more than just diagnosing the problems. Dr. Hantes believes compassionate care and patient education are two of the most important aspects of a treatment plan.

OBGYN Cosmetic Surgeon Dallas

OBGYN Cosmetic Surgeon Dallas

Why Should Vaginal Rejuvenation Be Done By An OBGYN Cosmetic Surgeon In Dallas?

Because an OBGYN cosmetic surgeon in Dallas deals with health issues that are personal and sensitive (including examining the reproductive system and carrying out cosmetic procedures like vaginal rejuvenation and vaginoplasty), the thought of visiting one, for the first time, might be a troubling occasion for some women. You may feel nervous or even embarrassed about having a doctor examine your private parts.

You may not be comfortable with discussing your most intimate issues with the OBGYN cosmetic surgeon in Dallas. Apart from giving you tips to defeat this fear, we will explain why opting to visit the OBGYN cosmetic surgeon in Dallas is worth it and how to find the right one.

Should My Vaginoplasty Be Performed By An OBGYN Cosmetic Surgeon in Dallas?

Plastic surgeons usually focus on the most common procedures, including facelifts and breast augmentation. Vaginal rejuvenation, if it must be performed at all, is considered a secondary cosmetic procedure that a traditional plastic surgeon will rarely have an opportunity to perform due to their limited expertise in the field. However, an OBGYN cosmetic surgeon is fully trained and equipped with the appropriate skill set to examine hundreds of women and determine if they are qualified to undergo a vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty for top aesthetic and functional results.

An OBGYN cosmetic surgeon specializes in aesthetic vaginal surgery. It is necessary for patients who seek out a specialist of vaginal rejuvenation procedures to consider follow a set of guidelines if they want to work with a qualified professional. To choose a qualified OBGYN cosmetic surgeon:

    Verify their credentials. Review the before and after photos of their past clients. Put the number of procedures they have performed into consideration. Ask for patient testimonials.

You would not want to start trusting anyone with information about the most sensitive areas of your body. That is why you will need to carefully think about your choice. Don't just pull a doctor's name randomly. Get a referral from friends, family or your primary health care provider. Your primary healthcare provider will manage most screening and have a good reference if the situation will require a specialist. Before making a decision, consider if you would prefer a male or female surgeon. Some women are comfortable going to a female surgeon because they will feel free to undress during the examination. Ask questions like:

    What are your office hours? Where do you have admitting privileges? Who will cover for you if you are not available?


Make sure your expectations are realistic regarding how the surgery may affect your life or how the results will turn out. This is especially true for women who are unhappy with the way their vagina looks and opt for a vaginal rejuvenation due to confidence issues. Make sure you do not expect too much. Again, this doesn't mean having a vaginoplasty won't give you the results you desire. Finally, before you choose to have the cosmetic surgery, make sure your overall health has been considered and don't forget that all procedures come with risks.


OBGYN Cosmetic Surgeon Dallas
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