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O Shot Fort Worth

O Shot Fort Worth

The Renew Cosmetic Vaginal Institute is the place to go for the O shot in Fort Worth. The O shot has a lot of benefits for women of all ages. The O shot was designed for women with sexual dysfunction after menopause, but as you will see, it's applications extend far beyond sexual dysfunction. Of course, age is a major reason why so many women are lining up to get the O shot.

The fact that so many young women are also receiving the O shot and are benefiting from it reveals yet another truth; it makes sex much more enjoyable. For example, the "O" in "O shot" stands for "Orgasm Shot."  The name is very telling. It got this name because the O shot is beneficial for orgasms and increasing clitoral sensitivity. After realizing that the O shot was beneficial even for younger women, it has been discovered that the O shot also has many medical uses.

Using the O Shot for Incontinence

Between the aging process and having children, incontinence can become an issue for many women. There are a couple of different types of incontinence. Stress incontinence is the coughing, sneezing, laughing variety. Then, there is urge incontinence, which is more of an overflow. The O shot helps significantly with both types of incontinence.

Alleviate Painful Intercourse

Another treatment option for the O shot is its use to alleviate painful intercourse. A lot of our patients suffer from pain through intercourse for many years. The O shot helps to improve vaginal lubrication. The PRP used in the O shot can be injected directly into any sensitive vaginal tissue. Overall, the O shot can help tremendously to cure vaginal pain for women.


Another common complaint we hear about is the pain after an episiotomy. As the tissue builds up, the scar area can become very painful for intercourse and even with urination. PRP can be directly injected into the episiotomy scar and help with that pain.

Bladder Slings

Another common cause of vaginal pain in women is after a bladder sling. Once the mesh is placed, scar tissue can form around it, which also leads to painful intercourse. Again, PRP injections can be a great help when injected into the scarred area.

Lichen Sclerosis

You may have heard of a condition called lichen sclerosis. This is thought to be an autoimmune condition and can affect women of all ages. What happens with lichen sclerosis is that the vaginal tissue of the vulva becomes dry and has a whitish appearance to it. That tissue can break down, become very thin, and bruise easily. Over time it can scar, making sex very painful and cause a lot of discomfort during urination as well. The O shot can eliminate the pain of this condition as well.

Set Your Appointment to Get the O Shot Today

As you can see, there are many uses for the O shot beyond rejuvenating sexual arousal in aging women. If you are interested in receiving the O shot in Fort Worth, contact or visit the Renew Cosmetic Vaginal Institute.

O Shot Fort Worth
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